Laser Combat

Paintball without the pain!

Our most famous activity! Using high-tech laser guns, you will pit your wits against the other team in a test of skill and cunning in the woods or amongst World War bunkers at St. George's Park!

The guns will tell you who is shooting at you, but can you see them? Run, use the trees for cover and watch out for friendly fire!

Your 1 or 2 hour laser combat session is divided into a number of different games, so you can try different strategies and tactics.

This activity is great fun for all, just as long as you are large enough to carry the gun comfortably (usually about 8 years old) but please speak to us if you are unsure. Full camouflage suits provided!

See the movie here!

Minimum age 8 years.

Available at Reading & Burton upon Trent.

1 or 2 hours | 8-15 years £20, 16 years + £25 per person, £15 per person for 1 hour sessions

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